TARGETjobs magazine

The magazine covers on the right each link through to an online version of that issue. As editor of TARGETjobs magazine my role was to manage the editorial process from conception of the content for each issue, right through to signing off the pages for print.

Liaising with colleagues in sales and design, as well as the publisher, the magazine was very much a group effort. I was responsible for assigning members of the editorial team to write pieces of the magazine, as well as writing articles myself. I would also work with the designer to come up with cover ideas, which would in turn lend themselves to effective headlines and cover stories.

I would flatplan all of the editorial and ad pages, and keep in regular contact with sales regarding what space was still left to sell. After I sub-edited all of the pages, I would arrange for the whole publication to be proofread and go through any amends with the designer. Finally I would check PDFs after they were uploaded ready for the printer and sign off the completed magazine.